The Trading Guardrails series of videos are designed to introduce you to the practice of setting simple daily and individual trade guardrails and show how you can use PlayMaker to stick to your boundaries.


What you will learn

  • How to set simple daily guardrails
  • How to determine the best trade guardrails
  • How to use PlayMaker to stick to your plans



Malte Kaub is a capital markets guru and a successful trader whose insights have accelerated learning for many traders. His German DNA gives him a natural advantage to the rest of us in running multiple careers in parallel while watching Peppa Pig.


Paul Wallace is a professional trader and mentor. He brings the rigours of his RAF training to his trading philosophy to help teach good trading discipline. He loves tractors, loose women and Scottish whiskey.

(1/3) Daily guardrails

Understand the importance of daily management of your trading capital and ways in which you can improve you current practices

(2/3) Trade guardrails

Understand the importance of of risk management of every trade and how your trade targets affect your profitability

(3/3) PlayMaker demo

Discover how you can make the best use of PlayMaker to manage your trades in real time

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