Our GamePlan video series is a practical guide to reviewing your trades, measuring your behaviour and finding new edge


    What you will learn

    • Why the best traders review their history
    • How to use simple performance metrics to gain insight
    • Make your trading habits work to your advantage
    • Using GamePlan to find new edge



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    Malte Kaub is a capital markets guru and a successful trader. His insights from over 10 years of deep experience have accelerated learning for many traders.

    Paul Wallace is a professional trader and mentor. He brings the rigours of his RAF training to his trading philosophy to help teach good trading discipline.

    (1/4) The power of measuring

    • The importance of reviewing your trades

    • Key risk and behavioural metrics


    (2/4) Historical review using GamePlan

    • Get started with GamePlan

    • Understand your historical metrics


    (3/4) Strategy and timing edges

    • Discover what trading style and products work best for you

    • Understand how your performance varies throughout the day and on different days of the week

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    (4/4) Psychology and market edges

    • Discover how psychological triggers affect your success

    • Evaluate your performance under different market conditions

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